Who is Neobi?

Neobi is a tech startup from Calgary, Alberta whos main focus is to consolidate Cannabis data and the software used to access it. Here at Neobi, we love technology and have years of experience working with enterprise applications. Our developers have created software for industry sectors such as Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Technology, Telecommunication, Mining, Alcohol & Tobacco and Gaming.

Through assistance from the Alberta government, we are raising capital which will help enable us to build our platform into something more ubiqutous in the industry. Our database is comprised of tens of thousands of Cannabis strains, extracts, edibles, producers, reviews and case studies.

Neobi Technology Corp. is now registered as an Eligible Business Corporation (EBC) with the Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC) program. This means that any investor will be credited 30% of their total contributed capital after investing in Neobi. For information on investment opportunities, please contact us. The core of Neobi is it's Extract, Transform and Load Process (ETL) along with our cutting-edge Application Programming Interface (API). We have robots continually scanning the web for Cannabis data, aggregating it into our Master Database and making it easily accessible through our RESTful endpoints. Whether you're an Application Developer, Medical Professional, Market Researcher, Patient or enthusiast, you can easily access any product on the market by querying Neobi's brain.


James Costello, Number Ninja

Michael Colbourne, Coding Ninja